“Education commences at the mother’s knee, and every word spoken within the hearing of the little children tends towards the formation of character.”  ~Hosea Ballou

Welcome to
GA Peach Homeschool

I am a homeschooling mama of three active boys age 12, 9 and 1!

When we began homeschooling my husband had been laid off for almost year. It would be over another year before he would find a temporary job. We even went 4 months without any income at all. But I was determined to educate my children at home!

Finally in 2012 he got a full time position. But I was so used to using free and frugal resources to educate my children, it has become a way of life. I pay only for what I have to and pay as little as possible for it by hunting down the best homeschooling resources available. 

We have been homeschooling on a very tight budget for years, so I have collected many free and very low cost resources over the years. This site is a place for me to organize them and share them with others.

Please check back often as I have TONS of links to add, but it will take time to add them all, after all, I am a busy homeschooling mama!

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How to Find What You Are Looking For on GPHS

All resources listed are 100% FREE except for a few low-cost resources listed under the 'Frugal Finds' tab.

'Preschool' is for ages 2-4

'Language Arts' includes LA, reading, writing, handwriting, phonics, gramar, vocabulary and spelling, typing-anything words related.

'Religion' contains character and Bible links. Religion based links will reflect a Judeo-Christian belief and worldview.

'Themed' includes unit studies and notebooking and lapbooking resources

'Seasonal' is links to activities for the seasons and holidays. Also includes crafts that make good gifts for birthdays or Christmas.

'Books' contains links to free living or text e-books to use for various subjects.

'Behavior' contains reward systems and plans

'For mom' contains legal, organizational (lesson plans, calendars, schedules, lists, forms, grades, house & home, menu, chore charts, ect) and other stuff for parents.

'My Designs' are worksheets, organizational and planning pages I have designed to use for myself and am sharing with you for FREE. Word Doc, Word Docx and PDF files.

'Frugal Finds' is NOT FREE stuff, rather stuff I consider low-cost. Watch this section for sales that may be time sensitive. I'll post sales I know to be time sensitive at the top of the page.

*Please note that when clicking off-site links, old links will not open in a new window or tab, you will leave this page (cause I'm too lazy to use HTML for each link posted, I just use the link button and it didn't used to offer me the option to have links open in a new tab or window) so save us to your favorites so you can find your way back!
Or press the 'ctrl' key when you click a link OR right click the links and choose 'open in new tab' or 'open in new window'

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